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December 06, 2007


I want to buy the Kindle here in The Netherlands (or Europe) but almost impossible.

Will it be available again in 2008? A new version perhaps that won't be sold out?



I don't know yet whether it was 10 cents or $2.80. Nothing has shown up yet on my kindle accounting for the transfers. I'll put a comment here once it does.

Were you billed for one time for 10 cents, or 28 times for $2.80?

This is a great feature. I am now convinced that the Kindle will make unnecessary lots of copying for business meetings -- They will save a lot of money to just buy everyone a Kindle, and then email all the handouts to a list of Kindle email addresses of people scheduled to be in a meeting. Now I see that they can even be zipped together with a single file sent to the Kindles. This is also good for video conferencing, since it doesn't matter where the Kindles are located. Somehow I don't think this is great for Kinko's! But if Business really goes for this, the backlog of Kindle orders at Amazon will last forever!

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