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I haven't looked into it really recently, but I did a webcast on employee rights last year for Infopeople that touches on that. You can watch it for free or download the ppts... at under employment.

If you find recent relevant cases, let me know. Thanks.

I'm a library patron concerned that the free speech rights of the librarians in our public library are being abused by the library's board of trustees. Since 911, the dress code in the staff manual states that "discreet" religious symbols may be worn but no "political" symbols (which includes any representation of the American flag, as in pins, etc.) This strikes me as a rather heavy-handed slap at the First Amendment and at the concept of the library as a limited public forum.

I read your analysis of the ban on "proud to be an American" stickers in Florida last year and am wondering if any new cases have come to your attention -- or if you have heard of any dress codes specifically prohibiting the wearing of flag pins.

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