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thanks - will try ..

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is free and Open Source. I'd recommend using it to make the pretty colored text and then just add a paragraph with the other note. Something like this should work:

div id="banner"
img alt="LibraryLaw Blog Logo" src="library_law_blog_logo.gif" /
Issues concerning libraries and the law - with latitude to discuss any other interesting issues Note: Not legal advice - just a dangerous mix of thoughts and information. Brought to you by Mary Minow, a href="http://librarylaw.com"LibraryLaw.com/a.

Thanks - I've never used PhotoShop or GIMP. If either is free, I'll give it a shot. I'd rather get the HTML together so I can edit. A friend said she might help me.

I'm not sure what you mean. The LibraryLaw.com banner is apparently an image, which you would edit with an image manipulation program like PhotoShop or GIMP. However, if you just want to get some HTML together then you should be able to edit it anytime. The trick would be to get the style right so it looks like the LibraryLaw.com banner.

Or are you just wanting to have a separate HTML page that you could include into the banner?

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