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Zombie Wire RFID World News works toward reaching out to and educating the consumer about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and how it infringes on the private lives of people exposed to it. Probably 90% of all consumers do not know of the RFID movement. The questions are:
1. Why are so many consumers, thus far, unaware of what is taking place with regard to the RFID movement?
2. What are RFID proponents hiding?
3. If informed of the RFID mandate, would the consumer welcome or refute its use?

These, along with any inquiries pertaining to the use of RFID, need to be scrutinized now before the movement overtakes consumer lives and stand insurmountable. GET INFORMED NOW about the RFID movement at Zombie Wire RFID World News. If you want to be a part of Zombie Wire and have something to add, please contact us, via ZombieWire.com, for more information.

Zombiewire has this blodg site linked up!

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