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Yeah, RFID...the exact technology being used in DigitalAngel's Verichip, a Subdermal Implant now on the market. More here: http://dubiousprofundity.com/article.php/20050524103025821
I have news for you folks...we are too late. Big Brother is already online.

Zombie Wire RFID World News' main objective is to reach out to the consumer and educate them on RFID and how it will infringe in their private lives.

We would say that 90% of all consumers do not know of the RFID movement. The question are: why are there as many as 90% of the consumers thus far in to the RFID movement unaware of what is taking place behind closed doors? What is there to hide? If informed of the RFID mandate, would they the consumer refute or conform? These and other inquiries need to be approached now before the mandate stands insurmountable.

Get informed now on the RFID movement at Zombie Wire RFID World News. If you want to be a part of Zombie Wire and have something to ad: Contact Zombie Wire for more information.

Go See: http://www.zombiewire.com

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