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Wonder if Woody also borrowed the words for "This Land is Your Land"? An old friend of mine, now deceased, once told me that he knew a woman who was a schoolchum of Woody. She claimed she wrote the poem and sent it to Woody who later recorded it. Just a thought since Woody was well-known for "borrowing" many things.

Let me note that (a) Ludlow Music conceded nothing and that (b) the version that Ludlow Music copyrighted has slightly different lyrics than the one in the songbook. There's no way to get an authorization to use it free except by writing one to yourself. If you want more than you can glean yourself, you need to consult with someone who knows more about the subject (like a copyright lawyer) who will probably charge you if they're not already on retainer.

Can we use This Land is Your Land in a TV documentary ? Is the song free of rights? And who can give me an autorization to use it free ?

What about the Canadian version of This Land is Your Land? Is it considered a folk song that the Travellers wrote exclusively or did they buy the rights to revise and record the song? And, is it now in public domain because the original version was Woody Guthrie's and it is in public domain?
Is the song a patriotic song that may be sung by an artist on a local Canadian T.V. station to help promote diversity in a town if the author source is given? Do "fairness" rights apply here?

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