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Mary, thanks for blogging that Nantucket case. Mark Rasch's article, called "WiFi High Crimes," makes me wonder if a library having an open access point could be breaking the law. As a long-time wardriver, I would hope not - but the fact that AKMA reports that the Nantucket library has posted a notice that "the WiFi connection is available only between a half-hour after they open to a half-hour before they close, on days that they're open," ostensibly for for better maintenance and operation, now makes me wonder...

Thanks Dorothea - that's good to know.

Peter just pointed me an article by Mark Rasch http://www.securityfocus.com/columnists/237, which discusses Title 18 U.S.C. 1030 (which makes it a crime to knowingly access a computer used in interstate or foreign communication "without authorization" and obtain any information from the computer), the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and a state law (NY) in considering a similar scenario:

"Let's say you are sitting in Bryant Park behind the Astor Library (the one with the famous lions) with your Centrino-powered laptop -- just like in the advertisement. Forgetting the irony of accessing information from outside one of the best libraries in the world, you power up and your computer tells you that it has found a wireless connection. Are you now permitted to use this connection to access the Internet? We'll say there is no security on it. No userid, no password, no WEP key; just free Internet."

If your final question means "Is somebody hoaxing AKMA?" then the answer is very likely to be yes.

If it means "Is AKMA trying to perpetrate a hoax?" then I feel quite comfortable emitting an unequivocal no. I've been reading AKMA for years, I've done contract work for AKMA, I've interacted with him behind the blog-scenes -- and he wouldn't lie about something like this. He just wouldn't.

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