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To Fredric - hey thanks for your update.


Hey, Mary, I appreciate your comments. I'm the guy suing the AADL. Your report is accurate that the library has no appeals process. Had, that is, until after I filed suit then they implemented one -- which doesn't cover me. I was forced to sue. They've spent over $50,000 of the taxpayer's money fighting this, at the same time arguing that they have "governmental immunity" from anything they say about me while at the same time are claiming that the f-word is obscene -- funny how, in their view, The New Yorker is now obscene -- and that my suit is frivolous (if it had been, the judge would have thrown it out during the two hearings that we've had already). Mary, I dedicate my last book to my late librarian Mom, and profusely thank the 15 libraries nationwide that helped me researchign the text. Wahtsmore, I've thrice testified before congress about public access at our de facto library, and my pieces about libraries have appeared in places like Newsweek and Harper's. Alas, I'm simply fed up with the AADL. I mean, they're recovering from an embezzelement scandel yet are anything but transparent -- even claiming that things such as their annual budget aren't covered under FOIA. For more info see my "Are Tar and Featehr Next?" Op-Ed piece in the July 25 Ann Arbor News. Let's face it, Ann Arbor now talks left but walks right, yet when I went to ALbion then U of M, it talked left and walked that way, too. And so I packed up my stuff, renamed my can Tar and Feathers, and am writing about the process and problem for a few pubs including the ALA's Public Librarys. I can be reached at smallmindsAADL@yahoo.com

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