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I think you have to do it in chronological order as some times people keep a discussion over an interesting topic, if you list it otherway around maybe not good.

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Okay, Garym, Lori, Edward - you got it. I switched to oldest on top...

Yes it would be so much easier to have the comments in chronological order

I think it might be nice if we had the comments in chronological order. It does make more sense IF you are just coming upon the post for the first time and want to read all the comments.

However, what if you are following a thread and reading it every time there is a new comment? Then you'd rather have the most recent one on top. But since this presumes you are following the thread *very* closely I think the chronological layout is going to work better for most of us.

On a related note, I'm very pro "tp over the top." It seems really obvious to me why it is so important. But people are crazy so who knows what they're saying out there!

thanks gary - the only other response to this was a private email who (naturally) said the opposite.

so far it's a tie...

This is akin to the top-quoting vs. bottom-quoting debate in email. To me, it's obvious that a reply should come after the thing it's replying to.

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