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Interesting response Darius - Mary provides a thoughtful and thorough response to Mr. Comey's comments about libraries and the Patroit Act. Your response? A childish tirade straight from the latest Free Republic talking points where you attack ALA and librarians. Did you bother to even respond to Mary's comments? Nope because you were only here on one mission - to trash your fellow librarians - not to provide any useful commentary.

What does "informed" mean in this context?

The library profession as represented by the ALA and many individual librarians simply tows the Michael Moore line on civil liberties issues. No thinking person would refer to Michael Moore as "informed."

The library profession is led by a hard-left/socialist cabal at the ALA. Witness Ann Sparanese and Mark Rosensweig as only two glaring examples.

The leftist clowns at ALA make the whole profession seem like some sort of temper-tantrum throwing pre-k crowd. Embarrassing, and what a shame.

Darius Ritchie, Public Librarian

One wonders if Norma would have told Rosa Parks to "stay in the back of the bus and keep your mouth shut"?

Librarians may be well informed, but their professional organizations and representatives are completely lop-sided (to the left) on any issue relating to the Bush administration, and that includes the PA. They are tainted on this issue, making their valuable input seem like temper tantrums. They laid the ground work with fighting filters to protect children, battling patrons over objectionable books, and now have moved on to throwing up barriers to protection from terrorists.

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