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This is a very exciting new project google is taking on, but will kill sites like mine :(

Public Domain Books: Online - http://www.PDBooksOnline.com


anyone? Here's more on Klaus' concern
open access news

"Klaus Graf reports that German readers do not have free online full-text access to all the public-domain books that Google is digitizing. By contrast, it appears that Americans do have such access. Klaus can get full-text access only by using Anonymizer with a US proxy. Eva Hornung reports that Google is blocking Irish users as well.
(PS: I've confirmed this with Klaus for at least one test case, Hamilton Wright Mabie's 1896 Books and Culture. I have full-text access from Brooksville, Maine, USA, through the link in the previous sentence. Do you? The book should be in the public domain under the laws of every country on Earth. Can anyone explain why Google is rationing access this way?)
Posted by Peter Suber at 1:21 PM."

Does anyone know more on Google's blocking foreign users from PD books?



You'd have to contact Google - this blog is not part of the project.

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I am interested in knowing is Google Inc. going to outsource part of the job. If yes how to contact, who is the concern person. Pls mail me the email id and the details.

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Shaji Danney

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