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Not if I can help it. I prefer my anonymity, thanks.

Nothing new going on, what with the 'glastnost' of the U.S. government and their now-legal outlet of guilt. The spooks have been concatenating us for years! Who're they trying to fool?

The threat, a "google database" that will someday extinguish whatever form of privacy that remains, is hyperbole. Truly, one day your obituary will be composed of the results of the codebreaker; this was his life, and how he lived it. The Japanese long ago learned to maintain their personal space on their overcrowded isle. The internet's simple consequence only accelerates for Americans (that is who doth protest most?) what many contemporary societies have experienced ages past.

Arthur C. Clarke, author of the Space Odyssey series, pokes at the concept of total deprivation of privacy in _The Light of Other Days_, and how generations learn to coexist with an ever-growing spotlight on their lives.

The moral is: Quit Whining and Get With It.


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