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Thanks for the off-topic posting.

AS a returning student after a 25 year absence I have notice that the Administrative functions in the University have morphed in an "above the law" association. Common practices of due dilegence and full disclosure are absent
from an organization of inidividuals
whose guareteed jobs insulated them from public accountablity or redress. Hence there is none.
Does it not strike you odd that the
furor over "the poor quality of academics
in the elementary school" has had its
critisism on the teachers who teach children while there is complete silence
on those instituions and individuals
who train the teachers?
Who to date has called the Universtiy
system to account for its lack of
educating school teachers with the
proper and necessary skills to do the job at hand? People repeate what they learn.
Crummy teachers are learning crummy things
from the Universites.
The banner of "Academic Rigor" touted by the Universties is in fact Academic Rigamortis. Not because carriculum is
lax, but because its irrelevent and
a product of tenured professors
who live beyond accountabilty to
their contractual obligation to

This is not an issue for teachers.
Its a "academic culture" that is
suspect. A culture that wraps its
students in an ecomomic, cultural and
intellectual Birka, is a culture
that functions outside and above the law.
Most people who've gone through graduate studies have long fogot how obscenely stupid most of the expensive "busy work"
really was. "But that's the way it is",
is the common retort. Yes it is a mess,
isn't it?
So when do the class action law suits begin?

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