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I read the article about Children's Internet Protection Act by Mary Minow. Does this Act specifically require school districts or schools that are e-rate to block access through filters to such popular sites as Google Images that provide teachers and students with many valuable images that they incorporate into their lessons and assignments? Some images, if actively sought, can be offensive, yet Google Images is a valuable site for educators to incorporate visuals into their lesson plans.

Greg - this isn't the Library of Congress's blog - Just a personal blog. Wanted to let you know so you can redirect your inquiry.

Why can't the library of congress accept books for copyright purposes through the internet instead of the cumbersome hard copies. It would be easy to simply email the word document in tack so It sould be stored electronically. Perhaps the stamped copyright form would be enough proof of receit or some sort of bar code to authenticate the transaction.
You may already have this process but I am not aware of it. Can you inform me regarding electronic filing of specifically book manuscripts fo copyright purposes.

Greg Middleton
Altadena, California

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