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Anonymous Press Pioneer (APP) interviews Barbara Schwarz

Our cities' public libraries routinely skirt or flout FOI Freedom of Information public records principles. Ask for your favoite cities' public libraries' public records. It's important for librarians' collective bargaining unions to have access to the public records of their respective public institutions.

I did not call anybody any names.

Barbara Schwarz

Dear readers - Sorry - I had to delete a couple of comments that were name calling against an individual ... please take that discussion offline. Okay to give opinions related to posts on any side of an issue.

Federal and governmental employees are lazy. They don't want to work and they want to keep their actions secret. Many are also corrupt. That is why they don't respect the open records laws.

For the records, I am not unreasonable. I understand that the Rutger's University can't mail me books and magazines, but they can provide computer printouts of material to the few names in their libraries or of their course material. It would have taken them just a few moments. But they did not do that, as they hate requests for records and they are afraid to break a finger by typing a few names in their records system.

I requested also their business records from the university, e.g. material that is not accessible for the public as general correspondence, legal records, letters, fax transmittal sheets, memoranda, e-mails and so on. And guess what happened? My request for their business records were also denied. And that request was illegally ignored by Rutgers and the GRC.

Rutgers University is building young minds. (Or at least claiming so.) These young minds often become later state or federal employees. With that bad example democratic example by university, what do you think these later federal or state employees are doing when they get a request for records? I tell you: they will unlawfully deny it and democracy will not be served.

The GRC covered for Rutgers. One corrupt hand washed the other one.
I did not request records on Mark Rathburn, but on Mark Rathbun. I wrote to these people so often to correct the name, but they deliberately ignored it. And why is that? Because they have records to the name Mark Ratbun and by altering the name they have an alibi to make them not available. One day, when approached why they did not make the records of Mark Rathbun available, they will claim, oh, we processed under a wrong name... We are so sorry. Yeah right!

They can fool somebody else, but certainly not me. This matter has corruption written all over it.

Barbara Schwarz

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