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Check out this article from Forbes -- it says the county has made $90,000 already! Now that's not just library fines, of course. That's from personal property taxes and parking tickets. But they're now looking for all other outstanding obligations as well. The article notes that at least one challenge has been filed. I like the quote from the guy who sells the camera that scans the license plates: I was so dense," says Bucholz. "There was money to be made in taxing and parking, and, unlike the police, those departments had money to spend." And thanks for directing people to my reviews, Mary! You get an A+ as a reference librarian...and a sister!

Fancy running into you here, Nell! Is the report accurate? If so, is there local discussion and opposition?

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Wow! I am a patron of the Arlington library (usually the Quincy branch, one of the the finest public libaries I have ever used). This is truly creepy, and I cannot imagine that it will be cost-effective.

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