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FYI: Google temporarily stopped digitizing.

Yo are definitively not the only one, see

It would be interesting for me to know wether some one knows more than the three PD books available at Google.

Beside the well known Mabie
http://print.google.com/print?id=Y7GAaIDnfW0C (Darwin)
http://print.google.com/print?id=T9DXaJK_36kC (Middle Class)

Hey Walt! Good to see you. The liability for damages is significantly less. Liability can go down to zero for a library, archive or nonprofit education institution if there's a good faith fair use evaluaton. Google isn't an archive or nonprofit education institution either, though.

What an amazing investigation of the biblioblogosphere! Thanks for including LibraryLaw blog.

You're not the only one who has called it GoogleLibrary. And I'm pleased to see that you have the same take on whether Google can be reasonably called a library without grotesquely distorting the meaning of "library" that buys slightly less stringent copyright treatment. (You can call a cat a horseshoe, but that doesn't make it one...)

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