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Some homeless people tell me that they get kicked out of libraries, the ones that have told me in person were haggard looking and didn't smell the best so I suggested they go to a free shower and get a change of clothes donated from any Salvation Army Thrift store (you just have to ask and go through signup) and now they had no problems getting into the library. It's not fair that a library would refuse due to smell, but when I talk to librarians about it, they tell me usually the homeless people who get kicked out are the ones who try to sleep or harrass people. Who knows the truth I guess.

http://www.SpareSomeChange.com is the homeless search engine, just choose your state and see related links from poverty to homelessness. North American (both Canada and USA, even UK)libraries allow free internet access where homeless can use this resource, unfortunately people have to tell (word of mouth) homeless people on the streets about this great site. Please tell local shelters, welfare offices, drop-ins, panhandling panhandlers, food banks, hot meals, etc about this site too.

Thanks, Fiona. Luckily, the coordinator of HHPT has been helping me prepare the webcast - I posted more today in Sept 22 entry. Good point about Katrina and library cards.

The blog of the Hunger, Homelessness and Poverty taskforce has covered this issue on a few occasions. They also link to an example of a working policy.

You may also be interested in libraries that have issued temporary cards to people displaced by Hurricane Katrina (some of whom are now essentially homeless). Links to some libraries offering this service are on ALA's Katrina page.

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