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I'm a bit late, but this brings up the un-ease I have felt with PATRIOT Act warnings in libraries, albeit well-meant. Having warnings in libraries, but not in every store, every government office, along city streets, implies that those environments do provide privacy, and libraries don't. In fact, libraries still do more to protect privacy than just about any other institution (even hospitals). We should tell people that good news, and include the bad news about non-library spaces.

Laughing out loud! Your response shows one of the big differences between newsletters and blogs - the person you write about can easily and quickly write back!

Reminds me of Woody Allen's fantasy in Annie Hall. Allen and Diane Keaton are stuck in line in front of a moviegoer who gives (at length) his interpretation of Marshall McLuhan's works. The twist is that McLuhan appears and responds on-the-spot.

Keep up the vivid writing, Norm - it helps bridge our understanding between arcane lawmaking and the very-real-world implications.


Vivid writing for an attorney? Heh??????

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