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yes - lots more info at ALA CALEA page

This is CALEA, yes?

Unfortunately, the manner in which the FCC has defined "Internet providers" can very easily include libraries. Depending on how a library gets its Internet service to customers and branches, the Order can apply, and my understanding is that it applies to the entity as a whole, not just to specific stations. I'd love to hear a different opinion.

The editorial the reader refers to also mentions in passing that universities "are not at this point fighting the new order on civil-rights or privacy grounds."

Which, of course, doesn't stop the Chron from making predictable, overheated reference to "Big Brother."

I didn't see the article, but I believe that this has to do with regulations relating to Internet providers. Colleges and Universities provide Internet service (not just machines connected to the Internet, but actual accounts) to their users and therefore fall under the laws relating to service providers. I do not think that the open access machines in public libraries (nor in Internet cafes or Kinkos) fall under this category.

I see no problem as long as we start socialist police state like Nazi Germany or
Satlinist Russia. Guidelines our constitution
which secure freedom of speech !
Cordially ,
James W. Arnold

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