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A number of states are attempting to pass state CIPA laws, such as Iowa and Illinois, and some states have passed some such laws, such as Virginia. So it depends where you live. Why not look at my group's list of existing or pending state CIPA laws that I believe to be the most up-to-date on the web, then contact me for further assistance.

Such legislation does not explicitly rule out porn, but it essentially does so by requiring unblocking for any reason without the need for any reason to be given, but only for "legitimate" use, or some such similar language. And see US v. ALA where this is explicitly discussed - as in the filters being used to enforce existing book collection policies and practices over the Internet.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any legislation on banning pornography at public libraries? I was at the library with my 5yr old the other day and there were many men wathcing porn on thier computers in full view of my child. If there is somewhere I can add a signature I would love to know!
THanks so much to anyone that can help!


Virginia Governor Signs Filtering Law

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine signed legislation March 22 requiring the state’s public libraries to install internet filters to block offensive material but allowing adults who are conducting research to have the filters disabled.

The legislation, which passed the House 85–12 and the Senate 31–9, was supported by the conservative Family Foundation of Virginia, which has been calling for such a measure since 2004, the Roanoke Times reported March 23.

“Now parents, regardless of where they live in Virginia, will soon have the assurance that their children cannot be subjected to cyberporn at their local, neighborhood library,” said Senate Majority Leader Walter Stosch (R-Henrico County), who sponsored the bill in the Senate.

According to the Times, fewer than half of the state’s library systems currently have filters installed.

Posted on March 23, 2007.

I live in southern illinois and was just curious as to if anyone could tell me if there is a law that requires parents consent to post pictures of a minor on the web. Someone has a picture of my 2 year old daughter on their yahoo 360 page and I want it off. My childs picture does not belong on the internet and I feel it is mine and my husbands responsibility to get it off. Can anyone help me with any information?

Pam's chart is just as good as you say. We even used it as a basis for our own chart, with proper credit, attribution, and links to Pam's chart. However, our chart contains much more recent information with new links and corrected links (links age over time). For example, the Iowa bill you cited above is not in Pam's but it is in ours, at least as of this moment. To be clear, our goal is accurate information. Therefore, we urge Pam, if she hears about this, to review our chart and take from it whatever she wants. Our chart appears here:

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