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Library crime happens all of the time. My district trespasses between 10 and 30 people every year.

"Sexual Activity at Library Caught On Tape," 5/23/2006, Carl Monday of WKYC:


Does this fit the bill? See these pictures with these articles, if they are still on the web -- if not I provide what I have:


http://www.plan2succeed.org/4534371_BG1.jpg which goes with this article no longer free online: Police Make Public Library Porn Arrest, 2/22/06, "Upper Arlington Police nabbed a man they say downloaded child pornography at a public library. A 10TV camera caught the arrest on tape, with officers ordering the suspect to shut off his car get on the ground. 'We've got a warrant for your arrest! Put your hands behind your back!' an officer commanded. .... 'We're concerned that somebody would do that at a public place like that with other people around,' said Sgt. Greg Patrick. .... Since [then], the library is looking at new options to keep this from happening again, like ... adding other types of filters for computers. Currently, the library system has a word filter. But it does not work in all cases."

http://www.plan2succeed.org/toronto_sun_thu_001.jpg which goes will another article no longer free: 'Animal' Teens Attack Woman, 84; Victim Suffers Broken Jaw, Arm in Purse-Snatching Outside West-End Library, 12/8/05, "An elderly woman suffered a broken arm and jaw after she was thrown to the ground in a daytime mugging by three teen thugs yesterday. .... 'They're just animals,' said one outraged cop. 'Put a big zoo around the city.' .... 'People go to church for a funeral and there's gunshots, they go to the library and they're mugged,' Nunziata said. 'Where can you be safe?' 'It's disgusting,' she said. 'It just makes me sick.' .... Police said the elderly victim had just left the Mount Dennis library branch at about the same time the three teens had also left after surfing porn sites on the library computers. Police said staff had been keeping on eye on them because of what they were looking at, and the trio left. .... She described the trio as being around 14 and 15 years old. "

I had the same question as Karen. "The act" being somewhat universal..."the deed," etc. Thanks for clarifying: a relief to know that we won't have some reality TV show about hanky-panky in the library.

Laughing out loud - they're looking for library crime.

Caught in what act? I mean, like... reading? Or committing a crime? Or, um, ""doing it"?

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