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Murphy doesn't get it- voters who are parents want to protect their kids from Internet predators. The last thing we want to do is pay taxes to support library funding where on-line predators can make use of free on-line services to view child pornography and other disgusting images. If the ACLU and Patrick Murhpy want to allow sexual predators to have unrestricted access to the iternet, then they should pay for it privately.

On July 26, 2006, the House of Representatives voted 410-15 (7 Not Voting), on a Roll Call vote, to pass the bill as amended. For more, see DOPA of 2006 on WikiPedia. Also, from the Library Journal, "DOPA Passes House by Wide Margin; ALA Dismayed," July 28, 2006

myspace, friendster, facebook... These sites are basically the new rock and roll, the new rap music; essentially the new way for adults to lose their minds because they can't engage their own children and their lives.

What a waste of government time.

Norma - that's the tough question. Don't have the answer. I wish they'd use a site that's primarily their own - they we'd have a good solution.


Not sure what you're trying to say in your comment since the second sentence appears to be an incomplete thought. But I'm pretty sure you're heading down the wrong path if you think Mary Minow is suggesting ANYTHING that uses children for sex. You might want to read her post again...a tad more closely this time.


Sure is difficult to protect children from predators on the internet. And your suggestion for "social networks" that use children for sex?

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