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If you change this from 8 to 10 or 12, it should be more readable. I've noticed that its very small and hard to read.

This is at the top of the html on the source page.

Thanks Anthony. I went back to typepad and picked "large" font after reading your comment. Hope it helps you (and Firefox users - I got a similar comment from one).

Style sheets are somewhat of a mystery to me... I love blogging with typepad since you don't need to know anything to get started. But then I tend to get in trouble when I cut and paste something into one of my blog posts.

I can view the html in typepad when I'm composing, and sometimes I can figure out how to fix obvious problems. Other times, I try, but can't figure it out and just throw up my hands.

If someone wants to view the source of this (or any other) post and give me 1st-grader-level advice on how to fix it, I'd be happy to.

Hi Mary
Why is the font so tiny on some of these postings? Light blue also makes them very difficult to read. I know that I can adjust the text size via the IE browser, but your pages are the only ones that come up tiny. Check the style sheet??

Always love your information. Thanks.

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