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You can be certified (at least in Wisconsin) without an MLS. There are levels of certification depending on the population served, and all require some education, but only Grade 1 requires an MLS. Also, it seems to me that if your job description says you are a librarian, you are, with or without the degree.

correct she is no librarian

I am confused. Librarian is a profession. Professions require certifications to show the public that they are competent. So to become a professional you need to be certified at that profession. Thats how it works. If I work in a hospital as a nurse and do suturing and other surgery tasks I am not a doctor. You need to be certified and pass tests to become a doctor. Same holds true for a Librarian. If I work in a library and shelve books; I am not a librarian. I am only a Librarian after I get my degree.

I've scrolled through several articles and I can't find anything that says what the contested "librarian"'s actual job title was. So the anonymous poster may be correct about her credentials. But the mere fact that she has "no professional degree" doesn't mean she is therefore not a librarian. At the library where I work, many of the people whose official job title is "Librarian" do not have MLS degrees or any specific library training. We also have people with MLS degrees who are "Library Associates." The perception in the professional literature tends to imply that MLS = Librarian and Librarian = MLS, but I'm sure there are other workplaces besides mine where the distinction is murkier than that.

Which came first, the libraries or the (MLS degree)librarians? I am required to do any job deemed necessary at my library regarding books, copy machines, and picking trash. The mls people(librarians) rarely touch a book!

As I've stated before, this woman is NOT a librarian! She has no professional degree.
Please, please get your information correct.

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