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"Schwarzenegger Terminates RFID Bill"

Great title to the story.

Evein with this bill, schwarzenegger still has to follow rules from the administration who have already introduced RFID passports, as are already in use in The UK.

RFID is now spreading rapidily accross the globe.
The verichip, a human implantable RFID chip has already been implanted in thousands of humans worldwide including patients, government workers and even nightclubbers who use it for entrance and to pay for drinks.

The future is here, although my main concern is that The Verichip is set to replace The Mandatory ID cards that are now being brought into effect.
See here for more information - http://noidchip.free-forums.org/

A forum dedicated to the issue with a compendium of knowledge about RFID, ID and Verichip

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