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i think that there should be no censor ship to any websites because we are allowed to do what we want too and only are parents can stop us there is some parents who don't care and shool shouldn't care iether

Let me tell you what happened to me regarding the public library blocking my page.

I have been using the public libary in Stroud Oklahoma since I was exiled to this God forsaken place in 2004. I created a page about a year ago hoping that my family in california(whom I have no idea where they are now) or a long lost friend would find me and hopefully rescue me.

Well, two weeks ago, one of my long lost friends from 20 years ago and who is now a pastor of a Church in Apple Valley california DID find me. We were in the process of catching up when low and behold the library decided to start blocking . GRRRRRRRRRRRRRROWWWLLLLLLLL!

You can imagine my frustration and exasperation.

I think it is outragous that public libraries are blocking from s. es and minors are not the only people that use . EVERYONE from all walks of life use it too- from pastors of churches to people stranded in ville Oklahoma who are trying to be reunited with their familes and have no other means of communication with the outside world.

It was the most visited website on the internet until YouTube came along. Why should all the rest of us have to have our civil liberties taken away because of a few es and kids? They can go anywhere on the internet and do the very same thing, so why don't we just get rid of the internet completely?

You should be careful what you ask for. Unlike you, most your readers, and me, those so-called legislators are liable to take your words literally. "Let's close down that whole Internet series of tubes while you are it. If carrier pigeon was good enough for us, then doggone darn it, it is good enough for them." Legislators are not exactly, for the most part, the sharpest tools in the shed. Then again, we should worry about the old fogies who keep electing them.

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