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Not being able to completely turn it off keeps me awake. Why? The device beeps - usually in the early morning hours - when it loses contact with the servers here at my work. It beeps with an error message that connection has been lost.

Obviously, I don't appreciate this at 4:30am. And I don't care that connection has been lost. By the time I would have normally awaken, the server likely would be back on line, or there's nothing I could do about it anyway - at 4:30am or any other time.

Perhaps a software patch can fix this? (I dunno)
- Ryan T.

There is no way to turn off the PDA part of the Treo short of removing the battery. Turning off the phone then pressing the red button just turns off the screen.

Mike Akamine, Senior Product Manager at Palm stated:

In Treo Pro we prioritized function by expected frequency of use. In order of frequency (most to least), we expected customers to use screen on/off, then flight mode, then completely off. We thought completely off is seldom used because there is a lot of value in the PDA functionality of Treo Pro even when the radio is off, and booting the system up from a complete off state takes about 60 seconds.

Does this also work for the treo 755p?

It works for me - it does go through the load screen like it does when I completely remove the battery. It also says phone is off (I see that only if I try to make a phone call).

Wrong!!! This just turns the screen off until you press the button again. It doesn't completely turn off the phone. If the phone was completely turned off, it would have to go through the load screen like it does if you completely remove the battery.

why was this so hard to find? can't tell you how long i've been looking for this obviously simple yet next to impossible to find info.

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