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Why in the world would you want the very latest annotated edition? I have been searching for the oldest one I can find.

The newer ones are based on Supreme Court decisions. Unfortunately, despite what the Court thinks, they do not nor did they ever make law! And, over the years, they have become incompetent in interpreting it. The Constitution means today just what it did when it was written.

What has changed over the years is our use of words. So to understand what the writers of the Constitution meant, we must consult dictionaries that were in use at that time.

Probably the most abused word in the Constitution is "welfare". If you consult Noah Webster's Dictionary which is online and comes closest to the meaning at that time, you will find that it bears no resemblance to how it is used today. See the following URL


Congress has used that one word to make a mockery of Article 1 Section 8 and the Supreme Court has gone along with it.

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