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Ira forwarded your inquiry about the Internet Archive to me for reply. The initial inquiry from them was about E-Rate, which requires that a site be certified by a State Library agency as eligible for LSTA.

We took a look at http://www.archive.org/about/about.php

Under the guidelines at http://www.library.ca.gov/grants/lsta/docs/GUIDELINES.pdf they were determined to be a special library. See pdf page 2 (document page 1) of the above, at I. Federal (2) "library" (E) other special library. Also see pdf page 3 (document page 2) of the above at II. State, C. Special Libraries, 2. Archives and historical societies.

A letter was then sent to the Schools and Libraries Division of USAC signed by the State Librarian certifying the Internet Archive as eligible for LSTA.

The Internet Archive subsequently submitted proposals for LSTA grants, and has been awarded one for their openlibrary.org project. The funding is contingent on passing and signing a state budget by the Legislature and the Governor.

Rush Brandis
California State Library

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