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I'm really proud of one that I helped to create at the Marin County Free Library: http://co.marin.ca.us/depts/lb/main/policies/privacy.cfm We pulled in anything and everything from all of our different services, and put it in one place.

The Marin County Free Library's policy is one that I helped work on: http://co.marin.ca.us/depts/lb/main/policies/privacy.cfm

The MARINet consortium also has a privacy policy: http://marinet.lib.ca.us/screens/privacy_policy.html

You may note a strong similarity between the two.

You've probably looked at it, but I think the San Francisco public library policy has some good paragraphs in it, and some eloquent wording.

I'm also working on a policy, and I am torn between completeness and what I think an average user will actually read. I'm thinking of a "teaser" page that gives just a few short sentences (state law, records confidentiality, freedom of speech and thought), then leave the full policy for those who want more. In fact, it might be good to come up with a general statement that could be used by any California library -- ? good idea?


The State of NM has a Patron Privacy statute
you can see the whole thing from our webpage at

The Michigan Libraries Wiki, http://mlcnet.org/wiki , includes links to many sample library policies.

The privacy policy wiki page is found at: http://mlcnet.org/wiki/index.php/Privacy_Policy

Here is Multnomah County Library's policy: http://multcolib.org/about/pol-privacy.html

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