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Lucky for you, copyright only protects original expression, not facts. There have been many court cases in which users copy large amounts of facts, get sued, and win. So long as you're not copying protected expression (original arrangement, display etc. of the facts), you are not infringing on someone's copyright. As for attribution, that would be your call. I personally am more likely to attribute facts if they are truly compiled, collected etc. from the source (e.g. if the society did its own study).

Thanks, you answered a lot of questions we had about using images. I couldn't type fast enough with the Potato Council question and I was curious about using text from their site, nutritional info they use to promote the potato. I could find the same info in a book or online, it's not based on their original research, but if I use the nutritional info they highlight so to speak, and don't copy word for word, do I need to reference their site?

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