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Thanks Dan - I took a look and there is some helpful stuff there - just goes to show that even if we may disagree sometimes on methods and policies,we have the same goal of keeping a safe place for kids in the library.

Mary, cool. Listen, I'm going to suggest you take a peek at my page on the topic: LMIRL. I know you teach this and don't need my suggestions, however, allow me to point out I have potentially useful links to a number of significant newscasts on this child safety topic, and the like.

I hereby give you 100% complete permission to use anything you see or download on the page without having to ask and without having to give any attribution whatsoever. The point here is to protect children. Take anything you want for that purpose.

I extend this offer to anyone else helping children, including your co-presenters. Please inform them of this offer.

Thank you.

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