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Of course, UM could always purchase the CCC license, argue any non-coverage is fair use, and then distribute all course materials through Bb. That's the future. . ..

I hadn't thought of that. So the copyshop/student may do better to put a computer onsite that students log in to, authenticated by user ID, not IP address, and print that way. Of course, we're talking about license terms, not fair use.

Perhaps. The licenses I have seen cover printing from the database itself, but not necessarily reproducing printouts from that database (or copies made from hard-copy originals).

I know, it is stupid. Either way, the student ends up with a copy of the article in her hands. But you know how it is the letter of the contract, and not the end result, that often applies in these cases.


As to the first argument, if it is the student making the copy, then the license could apply.

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