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i refuse to be photographed because the people who take the library photos make everyone look like a zombie. A horrible zombie.

Yes, I am that vain.

Dee makes a good point, and I think the safety reason some have pointed out is very valid. Only thing I wonder is the pressure (peer or from the admin). I mean no one put a gun to my head to get my picture on the site, but the constant (social) pressure to comply was always there. It would be nice if at some point there was some rule or legislation people like me could point to and say "you can't make me do that, now lay off."

Best, and keep on blogging.

I have also refused to have my picture on the library system website. I have been robbed at knife point and my house has been broken into several times before they caught a serial burgler.

No one can force you to sit for a picture. I believe it is a universal right to control your image and your personal safety.

I never really thought of that. Our library has a staff list, but there are no bios. Our LibGuides have staff photos (and I was pretty much forced to put a photo in by the administration. Initially I had a cartoon avatar I made, but apparently that was just too rebellious--read too cool for the rest--so I had to take it down and put a photo). As for the campus directory, you can limit somewhat what information goes in it, but since I work in a public university, a lot of that info is considered public record (they can even put my spouse's name in it if I don't opt out of it, which I think is privacy invasion). I definitely would be interesting in learning more, if anyone knows what law if any might help us out, so on.

Best, and keep on blogging.

the private life is dead, comrade

I don't know if the employee has a legal right to keep their information off the internet, but it seems library administration would try to honor the wishes of their employee. I don't think including everyone's picture necessarily achieves a "welcoming" site.

How about using group photos with most staff in them?

Well, do teachers have a choice whether or not to include their pictures on the school/university website? I don't think so... so why should librarians be given an exception?

Hmmm.... I suppose it would depend on the reason for not wanting to participate. At my current place of work I refuse to have my picture taken even for purely staff things like the online staff handbook and am not challenged.

Were I asked to give a reason I would cite personal safety. I have been attacked twice by patrons and was sexually assaulted and have no desire to give my attacker any clues to where I live now or any other personal info.

Other co-workers have religious reasons for refusing to have their pictures taken.

Libraries that want to be "welcoming" can pay for my bodyguard.

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