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I based my statement on footnote 2 on p. 10 of the order, which states the following: "The CCC is financing 50% of this copyright litigation [Doc. 206-1 at 18]."

I assume the citation refers to the "Statement of Material Facts in Response to Defendants' Statement of Additional Facts" that is attached to the plaintiff's reply brief. Unfortunately, this attachment is not part of either the Justia or RECAP collection (http://archive.recapthelaw.org/gand/150651/) of documents from the case, so I can't learn if there is more information in the original.

"Apparently the Copyright Clearance Center is paying for 50% of this legal action."

This is a strong statement. Could you divulge the source of this information? This should be made public and attributed.

Thank you in advance.

K. Matthew Dames
Executive Editor

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